New! Videos: President’s Awards for Excellence in News

We are excited to announce a new collection of videos produced by the 2011 recipients of the Lee Enterprises President's Awards for Excellence in News. View each video to learn more about the newspaper's award winning coverage. Check back soon for a video from the Missoulian. Additionally, to provide another layer to the videos, each week on Editorial Matters we will highlight comments, lessons and insights from award winners in the form of blog posts. Check out this week’s featured post: Q & A with Tony Lystra of The Daily News.

·         Wisconsin State Journal: State of Chaos

·         Arizona Daily Star: January 8, 2011, Mass shooting in Tucson

·         The Times of Northwest Indiana: Civil War Headstones

·         St. Louis Post-Dispatch: PD reporters talk about investigative series

·         The Ledger-Independent: A road to nowhere

·         The Daily News - Chief Painter coverage

·         The Times-News: Bhutanese refugees


Iowa Caucuses

The political spotlight has moved on from Iowa to New Hampshire, but the lessons learned and experience of reporting the story remain. I spoke with Lee's five Iowa newspaper editors via email this week and asked them each to summarize how their newsrooms covered the caucuses; click here to read what they had to say.


And don’t miss this collection of caucus front pages, live coverage, photos and stories.


Speaking of politics we are working to build a new section on Editorial Matters where we’ll feature your ongoing coverage of Election 2012. Please start submitting photos, videos, digital interactive, stories and more and we’ll feature your great work as we grow this new feature. To be part of this endeavor, please email Thank you for your help!


Photos of the Year

We are continuing to add to a gallery of your best images from 2011 and still need your help. Please take a moment to send me your best image from 2011. Please include cutline information and size the JPEG photo to 72 dpi. If you’d rather email me a link to where I can find the image on your website, that works well too. As soon as I receive your images I’ll start adding them to our already growing collection here: Thanks!



Chris Keller and Will Sullivan have been frequently updating their blogs on Editorial Matters. If you haven’t read their posts lately, it’s worth taking a moment to catch up on the insights and resources they’ve been offering. Have something to say about journalism? We’d love to hear from you. For information on becoming a guest blogger please email



Thank you for taking time to check out this great work by Lee journalists.  If you have an item to contribute to Editorial Matters, please send it my way.


Many thanks,




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Newsroom Development Coordinator

Lee Enterprises




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