Many Lee sites have found a growing audience for YouTube videos. And Lee has a partnership with YouTube that splits advertising revenue with us when any of our videos are played – even for videos played out on YouTube instead of our own sites.

So what’s at issue? Any given week, a third to half of videos uploaded to Lee local YouTube channels go live without monetization enabled.

While we have enabled monetization options by default for most Lee YouTube channels, the final step for each video must be approved by the uploading producer.

The first related document illustrates two simple steps to ensure your videos earn money off every play. Please be sure to check the boxes every time you post a video to YouTube.

Secondarily, sometimes YouTube flags videos as not “advertiser friendly.” This is because the videos feature potentially controversial topics – a definition capturing a lot of news video. The algorithm-driven flag especially affects videos containing raw or surveillance footage, crime news, and politics.

In the second document, learn how to quickly appeal a YouTube advertiser flag.

Why is this so important? We find more audience and make more money on YouTube viewers than we do on our own local audiences. Having monetization enabled from the first viewing will make a big difference in revenue from local video.

So when you upload video to Lee websites’ YouTube channels, please be sure to take the correct steps to monetize the videos automatically, wherever and whenever they’re viewed, from the very first play.

Please share this note and attachments with any editors and reporters who post to YouTube.

We’ll be in touch with more tips for producing video that gets viewed on our sites and more generally on YouTube.

Thanks for your efforts to broaden and extend audience engagement.

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